Sierra Resource Group

Sierra Resource Group

SIERRA is a U.S. based mining company, headquartered in Nevada, committed to the exploration, discovery and development of gold, silver, copper, and other mineral resources. SIERRA is a publicly traded company (STOCK SYMBOL: SIRG) and holds mining properties and mineral claims in Arizona and is looking to expand throughout the Americas in the near future. SIERRA is committed to exploring, responsibly and maintaining environmentally friendly policies while impacting the local economy in a positive manner that will allow its shareholders to take pride in their investment.

Our Responsibility

We are representative of modern socially and environmentally responsible mining. Mining that pushes for development while generating social progress and protecting our natural resources.

By providing jobs and adding to the local economy we work together with local governments to help our communities.

We represent a new vision for our industry that sets aside all predatory practices of the past.

The Chloride Copper Mine

The Chloride Copper property consists of 37 unpatented lode mining claims and 12 millsite claims, and is located 24km northwest of Kingman, in the Wallapai District, Mohave County, Arizona. An open pit mine and the existing SXEW processing plant operated at the site from 1995 before being idled in 1996 due to low copper prices.

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